Ed Driscoll

Another Fine Product Of General Electric

On Monday Keith Olbermann issued his daily attack on his personal Emmanuel Goldstein:

During his threatened one-man boycott of Spain over the efforts of the attorney Gonzalo Boye to indict six members of the Bush administration for war crimes, Bill-O said, “the New York Times reported Boye`s beef but did not report this: Boye served almost eight years in a Spanish prison for collaborating with terrorists. He was sentenced in 1996. Now, that seemed to be a mighty big omission by the New York Times, does it not?”

Well, no, not as big an omission as forgetting to mention that the man whom Mr. Boye`s collaboration with terrorists targeted was the sadistic Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. This is like Bill-O calling George Washington a terrorist.

Actually, that’s fellow GE employee Brian Williams’ shtick.