Ed Driscoll

The Klavan Maneuver, Illustrated

Yesterday, Andrew Klavan issued his first video at PJTV, the intro of which began:

“Some conservatives are arguing that the beginning of the Obama Era has been a disaster. They think the president’s soft approach to tyrants overseas has elicited predictable displays of aggression, boding far worse to come. They feel the president’s high-blown ethical rhetoric has given way to his appointments of political hacks. And, of course, there’s the gazillion dollars in spending and taxation that conservatives feel is a radical attempt to destroy our free market system.

That’s the Conservative argument. But today I’d like to explain the liberal argument: Shut up.”

You can watch the rest here. And really see it in action in the first comment of this April Fool’s Post.

(But really, a Congresswoman or female Senator heaping orgiastic praise upon Osama bin Laden–that’s so utterly beyond the bounds of satire. It’s shocking and unbelievable! Err, except when it happens in real life, of course.)

(H/T: SG)