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CPSIA: Handing The GOP An Issue?

Walter Olson ponders if CPSIA is handing the GOP an issue. He notes an interesting post recently added to The Common Room blog; Walter writes:

The movement to protest and reform or repeal CPSIA, as she notes, is truly diverse ideologically, politically, and in almost every other way: it brings together persons of astoundingly disparate views and manners of living. On the other hand ā€” as she demonstrates by citing particulars of the news coverage a year or two back ā€” the maneuvering that got CPSIA passed in the first place was remarkable for its jealous partisanship, something easily overlooked in retrospect given the near-unanimous eventual vote in favor of the law.

Read the whole thing, here.

And speaking of CPSIA, my recent "2009: A Book Banning Odyssey" video is now up on YouTube, for those who prefer (or whose Internet connections prefer) that video style.