Ed Driscoll

Soon To Be A Weekly Series

Back in the beginning of January, I shot the “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” edition of my Silicon Graffiti video blog, which documented an assortment of unforced errors by Barack Obama, along with the top ten Joe Biden gaffes, while both men were the campaign trail.

Of course, having reached the promised land, it’s not like the faux pas machine can then be paused.

England’s Telegraph documents another set of ten Obabiden solecisms, virtually all of which have occurred in the last couple of months, up to and including Obama’s gaffetastic appearance on yesterday’s Tonight Show.  (“You know how you can tell when a President has a bad day?  When his comparison of an American corporation to terrorists is the second-stupidest thing he said”, Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air.)

No word yet on what the TOTUS thinks of all this.