Ed Driscoll

Tea Party Obama Protests Largely Ignored by Old Media

Noel Sheppard writes:

Since CNBC’s Rick Santelli first suggested a Chicago Tea Party to protest President Obama’s plans to “stimulate” the economy and bailout homeowners through unrestrained government spending, organized demonstrations have been occurring across the fruited plain. In fact, as Glenn Reynolds reported moments ago, there’s one happening today in Cincinnati.

Unfortunately, unless you frequent conservative websites, you’d have no idea that such events were being staged.


Of course–because the modern job of the MSM is largely to keep news out, not let it in. Or like the Swift Vets, the John Edwards scandal and Charles Freeman, debate stories on the op-ed pages that the general public is familiar with thanks to blogs and new media, even though MSM’s news departments never bothered to report them.

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Update: Trust me, if it was 2003, and/or there was a Republican in the White House and/or this was an ANSWER-organized protest, this photo would be all over the MSM. On the other hand, as Glenn Reynolds writes, “Yeah, it’s kind of cool the way people are sending me coverage in realtime via Blackberry and cellphone. Somebody should write a book about this phenomenon…” Heh, indeed.™

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