Paul Harvey, RIP

At the top of the ABC News Website, they’re reporting that the veteran radio man has passed away, at age 90.

Update: The Moderate Voice has a few brief thoughts about Harvey’s moderate tones, and a link to his bio. Dentist/blogger “FullosseousFlap” has a large photo of an exuberant Harvey in November of 2005, while being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by then-President Bush.


Update: Some thoughts on Harvey from See-Dubya, guest-posting for Michelle Malkin. And, much as I hate to give away the punchline of this clip posted by James Lileks, it’s a product I’ve never had much use for–but by God, if anybody could get another man to go to war to defend it, it was Harvey!

Update: To coin a phrase: and now you know…the rest of the story.

Update: Terry Teachout on Harvey:

It is amazing that so unabashedly old-fashioned a personality remained at the microphone all the way into the age of Facebook and Twitter, dying at the improbable age of ninety. Harvey came close to outliving network radio itself, which is now on its last legs, having made even more wrong choices than the newspaper business.

And though his audience was dwindling toward the end of his fifty-eight-year run on ABC, it was, I suspect, as much because ill health had made it impossible for him to broadcast regularly as because small-town America had lost its taste for Paul Harvey News and Comment. Read the guestbook page of the Chicago Tribune‘s obituary and you’ll see where his loyal listeners came from. The people who posted their memories of Harvey hail from places with names like Broken Arrow, Seal Beach, and–believe it or not–Middletown and Peoria.


As Teachout adds, “Right to the end, he played in Peoria.” Read the whole thing.



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