Ed Driscoll

"The Reverse Of The Broken Windows Theory"

Wendy Sullivan attended hearings on free speech (and the lack thereof) in Canada yesterday with Mark Steyn and Kathy Shaidle, and came away with an excellent strategy–equally applicable in the States as it is in the Great White North:

Steyn and Kathy Shaidle made two excellent suggestions that could be applied to any kind of politically based culture war:

* Say “Merry Christmas” in your workplace instead of “Happy Holidays”
* Fight tyrannous regulation by breaking small rules – the reverse of the broken windows theory

If enough people break a small and oppressive regulation, something will have to be done at the government level. Think Tea Tax and Boston Harbor. Right now the inmates are running the asylum that is America (and Canada, as referenced by Steyn). It’s time for us to revolt. If our phonecalls and pleas to representatives are falling on deaf ears, then we have to do something to make them take notice. No, not bombing a federal building in Oklahoma City. But how about the equivelent of what Mr. Steyn and Ms. Shaidle do every day? They ridicule the rules, post over-the-top and “offensive” articles, and make people laugh at the absurdity of silencing thought and opinion.

The United States Government is stealing not only your money but that of your future generations. Find a small way to break that cycle. Keep America as free as possible.

And here’s one small way to break that cycle, courtesy of Michelle Malkin and blogger Dave G.

(H/T: Melissa Clouthier.)

Related: And speaking of the actual Broken Windows Theory, it’s holding up quite “elegantly” well these days.

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