Happy Truck Day!

Found via Orrin Judd, a Red Sox baseball blog describes this key holiday for Bostonians:

A Red Sox season used to be something that you ran away from. With the final heart-breaking out, fans would turn to the Patriots – and, before them, the Celtics – as antidote for the pain of another Fenway collapse. Now, in the wake of back-to-back gut-wrenching Patriots finishes, the baseball season has become Boston’s salvation.

That was no more evident than on Yawkey Way Saturday morning. It was Truck Day, cause for several television crews, Dirt Dogs staff, and a hundred fans to celebrate this distinctly Boston tradition so unique in all of professional sports. For all, it was the precursor to spring and hope. And for many, it was also an occasion for healing after Sunday’s Super Bowl. I know. I was one.

My son and I started last week bent on attending a parade.


Of course, I would imagine Truck Day conjures up rather opposite emotions if you’re a sports fan living in Baltimore.


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