Ed Driscoll

Horowitz: How Conservatives Should Celebrate The Inauguration

David Horowitz has an exceptional piece on today’s transition of power, placing it into both America’s long-term history, and the last forty years of the left’s culture war upon that tradition. As an up and coming player in Chicago politics, Barack Obama fell in with those who sought the latter; as the nation’s 44th president, Horowitz lists numerous helpful signs of him embracing the former, richer tradition.

Which isn’t all that dissimilar from the career path of Horowitz himself, come to think of it. As Paul Mirengoff writes, “David Horowitz may not have seen it all, but he has seen more than just about all of us, and from both sides of the political divide.”

Paul quotes just about all of it, but I’ll merely direct you to either link and strongly suggest reading the whole essay.