Saying Goodbye

Ann Althouse writes, “Here’s the post where you can say good-bye to George Bush”:

The sun has set on the last night of the Bush presidency. Now, tired old George can retreat to Texas and not be kicked around anymore. He can wait for that history he’s always talking about to do its curative work. Someday, they’ll say he wasn’t so bad, but, my, how he was hated. Not by everyone, though. Many of us stood by him, beginning on September 11th, when he found out that he would not be permitted to spend his time in the White House trying to distinguish himself as a purveyor of compassionate conservative. Many of us would not abandon the man who needed our support, who was, perhaps, overwhelmed by the task that was thrust upon him. And now, the work is over, so I think it would be appropriate to say thank you to George Bush, who is — to say what Barack Obama said of him — a good man.


All-in-all, indeed.TM Click over to Ann’s blog if you’d like to post some thoughts about the outgoing president.


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