Ed Driscoll

"Hamas Agrees To Cease-Fire, Declares Victory"

> Blog Archive >> Hamas agrees to cease-fire, declares victory” href=”http://hotair.com/archives/2009/01/19/hamas-agrees-to-cease-fire-declares-victory/”>Ed Morrissey writes:

Note to Hamas: When the enemy has its army encamped in your territory and you have to make demands for them to leave when the fighting stops, you didn’t win. They had a cease-fire in place in December, without Israeli soldiers all over Gaza, and Hamas ended it in a hail of missile and rocket fire. A month later, several of their top people are dead, Gaza has been heavily damaged, and they’re isolated politically among other Arab nations, plus the IDF is now holding Gaza in a vise grip, and all Hamas has is another cease-fire. Yeah … some victory.

All right…we’ll call it a draw.