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Obama at the Washington Post

Michael Calderone writes that there was cheering in Washington Post building at the president elect’s arrival today–but heaven forfend, there’s no reason to believe that any reporters cheered:


Obama arrived at the Washington Post headquarters today, as covered in priceless pool report by the New York Times Helene Cooper.

After three and a half hours at his transition office, PEOTUS obama took another 6 minute ride through washington, arriving at 157 pm at the nondescript soviet-style building at 15th and L street that houses the washington post.

Around 100 people–Post reporters perhaps?–awaited PEOTUS’s arrival, cheering and bobbing their coffee cups.

Pool is holding in a van outside, while Mr obama does his washington post interview, and will exercise enormous restraint by ending report before saying what really thinks about this turn of events.

Is Cooper bitter about the Times still not getting an interview?

UPDATE: “There’s no reason to think there were any reporters cheering,” said a Washington Post spokesperson, adding that there are “a lot of people who work in the Post building who don’t work in the Post newsroom.”

Excuse me, there’s no reason to think there were any reporters cheering? No, of course, not. None at all.

Update: More from Allahpundit, who unearths a remarkably prescient quote from 2005:

“Too often, we wear liberalism on our sleeve and are intolerant of other lifestyles and opinions,” an editor working for the Washington Post’s Sunday “Book World” section charged in a contribution to a daily internal critique of the newspaper quoted by Howard Kurtz on Monday. Marie Arana disclosed that “if you work here, you must be one of us. You must be liberal, progressive, a Democrat. I’ve been in communal gatherings in The Post, watching election returns, and have been flabbergasted to see my colleagues cheer unabashedly for the Democrats.”


I doubt anybody’s very flabbergasted these days. The one benefit of the media wearing their hearts on their sleeves for Obama is that readers now know where their journalists stand, and can choose their publications accordingly.

Update: Mission Accomplished! “Exurban League has obtained an exclusive photo of the Washington Post preparing for Obama’s arrival…”

More:I hear Barack is a good name.”

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