Ed Driscoll

For Green Consumers, It's The Fiscal Blues

The New Jersey Star-Ledger asks, “Are we done with green?”

Now that money is tight, will environmentalism turn out to have been just a passing trend — the political equivalent of the pet rock?

Probably not, say the experts. While some consumers may have to put their concern for the planet on the back burner for now, they will likely resume their new-found green habits once the economy improves.

“It was all about the environment last year. But it’s all about the economy this year. It’s like we can’t think about more than one thing at a time. It’s either one or the other — almost as if we can’t do both,” said Ann Mack, who forecasts trends for the advertising firm JWT, formerly J. Walter Thompson.

Actually, the two are remarkably intertwined, as Mark Steyn noted at the end of last year, and Bill Clinton at its start. And presumably these fellows are getting quite a chuckle out the current economy.