It's The Anti-Semitism, Stupid

Back in 2003, James Bennett of UPI wrote a superb essay on the state of Europe in the immediate post-9/11 years that in some ways foreshadowed Mark Steyn’s epic “It’s The Demography, Stupid” article in early 2006 and subsequent best-selling America Alone. (For my audio interview with Mark on the book, click here.)


Key passage from Bennett:

Continental Europeans, helped by the Marshall Plan and American investment, rebuilt their countries with vigor after 1945. Led by the last generations to mature in the environment of the hybrid Jewish-European civilization, Europe seemed to pick up where it left off in 1933.

Gradually, however, Europe seemed to run out of creativity, in everything from arts, to academia, to demographic vigor, to the will to political reform. Endless rehashing of elsewhere-discredited Marxism replaced creative political thought. Overt fascism and national chauvinism were banned, but a new Euro-chauvinism took its place, loudly proclaiming the superiority of European ways over crude American ones — a new chauvinism on a wider scale, based like the old national chauvinism primarily on resentment.

It may be coincidence, but these new generations are the ones who grew up without the experience of studying, working and socializing with substantial numbers of Jews. Can this have no effect on politics?


Well now we know–in the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Schwammenthal writes, “Europe Reimports Jew Hatred: The mythical Arab Street now reaches deep into Paris, London, Berlin and Madrid.”

As the Professor adds, “Well, it’s not as if that represents a big break with the past or anything…”

Update: The Freepers appear to have the full text of Bennett’s essay, which may no longer available on the original UPI site.

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