Ed Driscoll

Caroline Kennedy's Couture Identity Politics

Jennifer Rubin writes that “now, with the election safely behind us and Sarah Palin tucked away back in Alaska, the truth can be told. Identity politics is not, in itself, objectionable — it just depends on the identity“:

Not okay: small town, funny accent, overt religiosity, non-tony education. Okay: Manhattan address, Ivy League, discreet attire, impeccable lineage. (In other words, just like Dowd’s inner circle.)

And how do we know Caroline is “serious”? After all, she couldn’t muster any particularly unique policy views in her jaw-dropping media debut and her “scholarship” is either a compilation of others’ works, family tributes or both (as in a compilation of Jackie’s favorite poetry). Now Dowd concedes that “It isn’t what your name is. It’s what you do with it.” So what precisely has Caroline done?

Of course [Maureen] Dowd can’t resist invoking “profiles in courage” because that’s Caroline’s true claim to fame: her father. We have no reason to believe, however, that Caroline would be courageous. Her life is devoid of acts of political boldness, personal sacrifice or original thinking.

But brilliant poetry editing, as Mark Steyn recently observed:

“Friends Say Kennedy Has Long Wanted Public Role,” Anne Kornblut assured readers in an in-depth Washington Post tongue-bath. She hasn’t “long wanted” it to the extent of, you know, running for dog catcher in Lackawanna and getting – what’s the word? – “elected,” but, if you have a spare Senate seat, she’s graciously indicated that she’d be prepared to consider accepting it. As lady-in-waiting Anne Kornblut pointed out, Caroline is highly qualified, being “the author of several books.” It’s true! She’s an experienced poetry editor. She edited “The Best-Loved Poems Of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.” Jackie Kennedy wrote poems? Of course! She wrote so many poems that some are better loved than others.

Let’s see Harry Reid try that.

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