Her Satanic Majesty's New Dress

Reuters reports that Iran is cracking down on “satanic” clothing–Satanic in this meaning, “tight trousers and high boots.”

I guess from the Imams’ point of view, Nancy Sinatra is the Anti-Christ. Or maybe Suzi Quatro.


More Reuters:

Some analysts say the authorities fear such open acts of defiance against the Islamic Republic’s values could escalate if they go unchecked. This worries them when Iran is under pressure from the West over its disputed nuclear work, they say.

“Some individuals, not knowing what culture they are imitating, put on clothing that was designed by the enemies of this country,” Rahmani said.

“The enemies of this country are trying to divert our youth and breed them the way they want and deprive them of a healthy life,” he added.

Rahmani did not say how the offenders would be punished. Usual penalties are a warning or a fine.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has in the past suggested Iran’s enemies may try to stage a “soft” or “velvet” revolution by infiltrating corrupt culture or ideas.

I’d love to see Iran have its own Velvet Revolution–it certainly worked well in another corrupt culture well that was well worth infiltrating.


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