On A Downbound Train

It’s fascinating to see a headline pop up in the MSM yesterday that reads, “Al Qaeda’s Goal: Cripple Amtrak’s N’east Corridor“, as I remember blogging quite a bit about that very topic in 2004 and 2005. I wonder if the election of President-To-Be Obama has caused that plan to dusted off by Al Qaeda? Given how spread out the Northeast Corridor is, and how lightly guarded most of it is, it must make for a tempting target to any terrorist.


(Insert obligatory “is this what Biden meant when he recommended loin engirdification last month?” reference here.)

Related: For an intermodal look at another form of transportation at the northeast end of the Northeast Corridor, Jules Crittenden checks in “From The Airport That Brought You 9/11“, where the desktop calenders appear to all be stuck at 9/10.


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