Today's Hollywood: He's Spartacus!

John Nolte writes on the New Hollywood Blacklist:

At least once a year we get a new narrative or documentary about the infamous Hollywood blacklist that forced a number of screenwriters out of the business or underground with the use of a pseudonym.


I included clips from a whole bunch of those annual Hollywood perennials in a Silicon Graffiti video back in July, which makes for a great double-feature with John’s post. Speaking of which, here’s more from John:

Most of these movies hit me as wish fulfillment fantasies with the filmmakers and their stars (George Clooney, Frank Darabont, Irwin Winkler, and on and on and on…) puffing out their chests to stridently declare that if they had been alive then that! never would’ve happened. Oh, no, they would have put their careers and livelihoods on the line to fight the good fight for the right to hold unpopular political beliefs without fear of retribution.

Well – here – we – are.

And where are you?

As John writes, they’re too busy yelling, “Him, over there, He’s Spartacus!”


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