Ed Driscoll

Police Blotter Politics

As it did in 2004, the last month of the presidential election increasingly resembles dispatches from the police blotter, rather than a nation of adults carefully weighing whom their commander in chief should be. Here’s but a sample of what’s going on out there:

As Peter Wood, the author of last year’s A Bee In The Mouth, on anger in America told an interviewer:

For example: “[New Anger involves] deriding an opponent for the sheer pleasure of expressing contempt for other people….New Anger is a spectacle to be witnessed by an appreciative audience, not an attempt to win over the uncommitted….If in your anger you reduce your opponent to the status of someone unworthy or unable to engage in legitimate exchange, real politics come to an end….Whoever embraces [New Anger] is bound to find that, at least in the political realm, he has traded the possibility of real influence for the momentary satisfactions of self-expression.”

And clearly we’re seeing a lot of those momentary satisfactions of “self-expression”, even if the Victorian Gentleman would prefer not to discuss their origins and root causes.