Brokaw Didn't Ask Powell About The Surge; Obama's Opposition

Noel Sheppard writes:

Whether it’s an example of the host’s bias or incompetence, potentially one of the most amazing aspects of Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” was that Tom Brokaw didn’t ask the former Secretary of State about the success of the surge in Iraq or the Democrat presidential candidate’s opposition to this winning military strategy.

Given Powell’s critical position in garnering support for the Iraq War, as well as his involvement in Desert Storm many years ago, it should have been essential to any interview dealing with his endorsement of either candidate how he feels the 2007 increase in troops has worked, and what the Senatorial vote on this strategy by his candidate of choice says about that person’s foreign policy acumen.

Despite this logic, a full examination of the transcript and video of this almost 30-minute interview identified absolutely no reference to the surge whatsoever, and no questions posed to the former Secretary of State concerning the wisdom of Sen. Obama’s position on it.


There’s hope and change and audacity in the air! Why would a unbiased objective hard-hitting journalist spoil the good feelings?

(No? Well, we can always blame it on a lack of research due to NBC’s budget cuts.)


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