Ed Driscoll

"Obama's Macaca Moment"

That’s Betsy Newmark’s take on Joe Wurzelbacher, though it’s happening in a slightly reverse fashion from George Allen’s seminal gaffe in 2006. The establishment liberal media magnified Allen’s own mistake a thousandfold. In this case, Obama’s Kinsley-esque gaffe that demonstrates his soft socialism is undergoing a far more intense scrutiny than it otherwise would have as a byproduct of the media’s declaring war on somebody who was approached by Obama to ask the candidate a question. In any case, it’s a reminder that once the Two-Minute Warning sounds, strange things begin to happen:


Meanwhile, in his own video series with fellow-NRO-er Mark Hemingway, Jim Geraghty posits:

I contend we’ve passed a threshold in the way the media perceives their jobs; they’ll never go back to paying any attention to news that is bad for their preferred candidates, and they’ll never again worry about accuracy in stories that are critical of the candidates they hate.

Fortunately though, even when the media wiffs a story, the truth occasionally still wins out.

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