Ed Driscoll

Lest We Forget

Guest blogging for Hugh Hewitt, Bill Dyer notes the passing of Betsy Newmark’s father at age 93:

I extend my condolences to Betsy Newmark, the fine blogger who’s long been on both Hugh’s and my blogrolls as the writer of Betsy’s Page, on the loss of her father, George Washington Bamberger, last night at age 93. Like my own, Betsy’s dad was a veteran, a volunteer who’d served in the Pacific theater in WWII. And as also was true in my family, she only heard some of her father’s war stories when he told them to his grandchildren. But he no doubt reveled quietly and long in the calmer life of a husband, father and grandfather, and businessman. We all mourn with her the passage of yet another unpretentious American hero of our Greatest Generation, and we commend her father and his entire family for his life lived well.