Ed Driscoll

The Politics Of Umbrage

At Pajamas Media, > Sandra Bernhard Gets Away with Racist Anti-Palin Tirade” href=”http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/sandra-bernhardt-gets-away-with-racist-anti-palin-tirade/2/”>Katherine Berry notes that “The media gives celebs a pass on ugly rants — as long as they bash the right people”:

The true irony behind the left’s united decision to overlook [Sandra] Bernhard’s racist ravings is that, by doing so, they’ve given up their strongest rallying point: something Slate’s John Dickerson called “the politics of umbrage” back when Hillary was still in the race.

A reporter will never go wrong at a Clinton or Obama press conference by asking: “Senator, what about the latest outrage?” The question is always apt, because taking umbrage and responding to it has become the chief daily business of the Democratic campaign.

Now, however, Hollywood — the darling of the left — is the source of the umbrage, and the resulting silence among the liberals is deafening. The effect is much like Dorothy and crew’s stunned silence in The Wizard of Oz when the curtain pulled back to reveal the “wizard” as a gnarly little old man.

Only this time what the curtain has revealed is a far more gruesome sight: the true face of Hollywood, no longer wearing Al Jolson’s blackface paint, but just as racist as ever.

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