Ed Driscoll

About Those Peaceful Anti-GOP Protestors ...

I have no idea what today will be like, but it certainly seemed pretty calm and orderly around the convention center’s perimeter yesterday. If today isn’t complete anarchy as well, the attendees can thank some careful due diligence on the part of the Minneapolis-area authorities over the weekend, fellow attendee Ed Morrissey writes:

Five leaders of the so-called RNC Welcoming Committee are under arrest, and a sixth is being sought. The “activists” strongly deny that they planned to use these items in their protests. Heck, everyone keeps buckets of urine around the house!

The best part of this story: police used a system of informants to keep apprised of what these nutcases plotted. Every one involved in these groups have to be asking themselves who the moles are, and what else might the police know. I suspect that a great deal of disillusionment set in among the fringies, and no small amount of paranoia, too.

The all-seeing eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Karl Rove are everywhere.