Ed Driscoll

Two, Two, Two Networks In One!

With a “high-ranking” though otherwise anonymous MSNBC journalist telling the Politico Website that “The situation at our channel is about to blow up“, MSNBC President Phil Griffin responds:

“MSNBC does not have an ideology,” Griffin said. “We hire smart people who are passionate about their love of politics and love of news.”

But Griffen was happy to talk about his network’s ideology last fall to the New York Times:

Officials at MSNBC emphasize that they never set out to create a liberal version of Fox News.

“It happened naturally,” Phil Griffin, a senior vice president of NBC News who is the executive in charge of MSNBC, said Friday, referring specifically to the channel’s passion and point of view from 7 to 10 p.m.

Of course, the savvier TV networks aren’t as schizophrenic when it comes to admitting their biases.

Update: “If they’re this unhinged this week, what will they be like next week in Minneapolis?”