Ed Driscoll

The Enharshening Of The Mellow, Then And Now

Robert Stacy McCain flashes back to Hunter S. Thompson, McGovern-Eagleton, and the rest of the bad old days of 1972. Flashforward to 2008; Tommy Chong, who certainly knows a thing or two about both the ’70s and bad flashbacks, is not a happy man:

“Check out the people you’re voting for…. “For instance, Joseph Biden comes off as a liberal Democrat, but he’s the one who authored the bill that put me in jail. He wrote the law against shipping drug paraphernalia through the mail – which could be anything from a pipe to a clip or cigarette papers.”

Wow–“Liberal” Democrats turn out to be rigid puritans–that never happens these days!

And speaking of the neo-puritanical Biden, he’s no great fan of the Second Amendment, needless to say.

Update: One of Charles Johnson’s readers also has a pretty amazing ‘70s flashback.