Ed Driscoll

Identity Politics? They're Soaking In It!

Ed Morrissey ponders, “How many times can the DNC mention that Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) is a Jew?” in a single article?

I guess Barack Obama was right after all. This election will see dirty smears based on identity politics. He just got the party wrong. This didn’t come from a blogger or an e-mail kook — this comes from the DNC itself. In 660 words, they manage to use a derivative of the word Jew five times in attacking Cantor. They never explain why this forms such a strong theme in their opposition of Cantor, but apparently they believe that Democrats won’t need an explanation to oppose Jews.

When will Barack Obama attack this real racism from his own party with the same amount of vigor that he falsely accused Republicans of engaging in it?

Addendum: Defenders of the DNC could say, “Well, hey, all of these are just quotes from newspapers like The Hill and the Picayune” — which would be true. The DNC, however, just managed to pick five quotes that contain five references to Cantor and/or Abramoff’s religion? Let’s imagine the response that would erupt on the Left if the RNC did the same thing to Obama. Even Bill Clinton’s single reference to Jesse Jackson’s win in South Carolina got him branded as a race-card player — and that didn’t involve tying Obama to a criminal on the basis of his skin color.

Heck, we don’t have to imagine this at all. Remember all the cries of “racism” when the subject of Jeremiah Wright finally aired?

The silence from the MSM on this, will of course, be deafening. On the other hand, just wait ’til Vice President Lieberman takes office