Ed Driscoll

Joementum: V.P. Or Bust!

> Blog Archive >> The Argument for Lieberman” href=”http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/jpodhoretz/20402″>John Podhoretz argues for a hot cup of Joementum in Commentary; meanwhile Yuval Levin notes how topsy-turvy, how out-of-kilter, how utterly Koyaanisqatsi politics has become in the last eight years:

As the Obama team trots out Lincoln Chafee, Rita Hauser, and other “stalwarts” to try to suggest that even Republicans are turning to Obama, it’s worth giving another thought to a very prominent fact that’s so obvious we don’t really think about it much: The Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate from 2000 is just about McCain’s most vocal and prominent backer. Strange times.


Assuming, as many rumors strongly indicate, that Lieberman, at a minimum, plays the role of Zell Miller at the Republican Convention, he’ll be dead to Harry Reid.

Veep or Senatorial Siberia, the next several years will be provide quite a contrast for Lieberman.