Ed Driscoll

In Sub-Zero Midichlorians? Jabba Golightly?

It’s Answered Prayers for some budding young Sith Lord! Kyle Smith writes that George Lucas may have stepped into the latest scandal for those aficionados of the industry of the world’s most puritanical company town who:

A. Whose blood pressure blows sky-high if anybody looks at them cross-eyed.

B. Have far too much time on their hands, and:

C. Are bummed because they missed the chance to flip out over Tropic Thunder’s use of the newest worst most eviltastic word discovered to still be in the English language.

It’s….Capote The Hutt!

(Think he’s kidding? Two words: Muggeridge’s Law.)

But then, this is all just preseason stuff. The Complainy-American (to borrow a Tim Blair-ism) will really be out in full dudgeon this fall over this.

Update: Kyle’s take on the film itself? “A Big Pile of Dukoo.” Reading his review, I can’t help but think of Marcia Lucas’ thoughts on her ex-husband’s franchise in Peter Biskind’s Easy Riders, Raging Bulls:

“After Star Wars, he insisted, ‘I’m never going to direct another establishment-type movie again.’ I used to say, ‘For someone who wants to be an experimental filmmaker, why are you spending this fortune on a facility to make Hollywood movies? We edited THX in our attic, we edited American Graffiti over Francis’ garage, I just don’t get it, George.’ The Lucasfilm empire–the computer division, ILM, the licensing and lawyers–seemed to me to be this inverted triangle sitting on a pea, which was the Star Wars trilogy. But he wasn’t going to make any more Star Wars, and the pea was going to dry up and crumble, and then he was going to be left with this huge facility with its enormous overhead. And why did he want to do that if he wasn’t going to make movies? I still don’t get it.”

That pea has dried up, and no amount of water in all the vaporators on Tatooine is going to bring it back to life.