Ed Driscoll

"Wanna See Rielle Hunter's Old Site?"

Deceiver.com has a screencap and a link to Reille Hunter’s Website, which is a hoot:

Looks like there are two Americas: the America where not-John-Edwards’-babymama Rielle Hunter has erased her web site from existence, and the America where someone else has put it right back up.

Actually, it’s not America–the URL is the Egyptian mirror site for the San Francisco-based Internet Archive Wayback machine, but still, click over for the graphics, stay for the sweet, new age chakra!

(Via the crystalline blogging of Australia’s Tim Blair.)

Update: Welcome Deceiver readers! Take a look around; hopefully you’ll like some of what you see.

Late Update (8/8/08): Edwards begins to come clean–er, so to speak–click here for details.