Ed Driscoll

"Maliki Delivers A Body-Blow To The GOP Candidate"

Byron York writes:

For months now, John McCain has urged Barack Obama to visit Iraq. “It has been 873 days since Sen. Obama’s one and only visit to Iraq,” a McCain campaign statement said on May 30. “Before [he] decides to override the recommendations of our commanders in the field and surrender the fight, he should have the judgment to see for himself first-hand the conditions on the ground.”

Maybe McCain shouldn’t have been so emphatic. What if Obama went to Iraq, decided his position was the correct one, and then, in a major campaign coup, received what appeared to be the endorsement of the Iraqi prime minister? And–extra points–made himself look more statesmanlike in the process?

Obama arrived in Baghdad early this morning, and all that seems to have happened.

As Allahpundit writes, “The discomfort is palpable and apt to get worse as the day wears on. ”