Ed Driscoll

Celebrity Fauxtography

While Charles Johnson has spotted a serious example of fauxtography, and is thus only receiving belated, grudging acknowledgment from the Jurassic media, Ann Althouse looks at fauxtography’s lighter side, and asks, “Why is it so hard for a magazine to shoot a decent celebrity cover?”:

Some shocking examples of uglification here. My theory is that magazine editors want professional models and are annoyed to by the fact that celebrity faces on the cover help circulation so much that they can no longer do what their aesthetic sensibilities tell them is right. Thwarted, the wreak their revenge. It’s passive aggression.

And speaking of fauxtography’s lighter side, one of the house bloggers at Yahoo’s music blog spots “Jennifer Hudson’s Slim Chance” and asks, “Is it just me, or does Jennifer Hudson look, um, DIFFERENT on her debut album’s cover?”