Ed Driscoll

Wall-E or Phon-Y?

On Friday, I had some thoughts on the anti-consumerism subtext of Pixar’s upcoming Wall-E movie, and wrote:

Anti-consumerism: now there’s a message you’d expect from the entertainment industry. Parents–buy your kids less Star Wars toys! And stop paying $15.95 a pop to buy all those DVDs! But thanks for spending ten buckets a ticket and five dollars for a drum of popcorn to watch our movie!

I wonder if the summer popcorn crowd will get whiplash when they go from the conspicuous consumption of Sex In The City to the hectoring subtext of Wall-E?

And once you’re done being lectured on the evils of consumerism by your betters in Hollywood, you can buy their merchandise!

For only $250, you can buy the remote-control Wall-E action figure

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