Ed Driscoll

Newsweek Continues In The Tank For Obama

Betsy Newmark points readers towards Mark Hemmingway’s column in NRO today:

Mark Hemingway dissects the latest effort by Newsweek to campaign for Obama in their totally unsourced Obama-friendly attempt to show that he shouldn’t have any problem with Jewish voters. Newsweek thus continues their trend of pumping for Obama’s campaign. If they can’t put him on the cover, they’ll slant stories inside. As I noted last week, they have put Obama on the cover more than any other subject in the past year. Jim Geraghty notes some more examples that are, as he puts it, allowing Newsweek to give Olbermann a run for his money. US News’ James Pethokoukis ridicules their cover this week about how the recession is worse than we think.

For another example, here’s a story about the U.S. economy from the latest issue of Newsweek, “Why It’s Worse Than You Think.” Not a surprising piece, given that the magazine made its recession call back in February, though the economy has stubbornly refused to roll over.

Newsweek is not bothered by such economic technicalities as the fact that we still aren’t experiencing a recession according to the data. They’ll just tell us we’re in a recession and that we should be darned scared about it. Subtext: vote Democratic.


That’s also the subtext of these TV network stars here and here.

Jim Geraghty spots some more fun from the folks who put the Koran in the Can, and this is an unintentional riot as well:

“Obama’s Official Blog is Boring. McCain’s is Enjoyable. Why That’s Bad News for the GOP.”

I dunno–I find the Indiana Jones-style archaeological explorations of the former pretty fascinating myself.

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