Ed Driscoll

The Culture War Just Around The Corner

It sounds like Dr. Melissa Clouthier has a very similar take to my recent posts regarding what’s in store in America in the next ten years or so:

Europeans are supposed to be enlightened. Yeah, I know. Whatever. But still, on the one hand they’re turning into frigging Eurabia with all the conservative Muslims running around in burqas and on the other you’ve got thumbs that look like penises in public advertising aimed at children [in a new Playstation 3 ad running in Europe–Ed]. One of those philosophies is going to win, right? And which winner leaves Western Civilization the winner? The correct answer boys and girls is neither.

That seems to be the choices. Either nothing goes or everything does. Both ways lead to depravity and sexual dysfunction, ironically enough. One way leads to the objectification of women as vessels for male dominance or child bearing–underneath the black cover there’s a vagina. The other way leads to the objectification of women and men and children as sex objects–no black sheet needed.

Americans, take note. This dichotomy, these two paths to destruction, is coming to a city near you.


Read the whole thing.

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