Those Bitter 57 States

John Brummett of the Arkansas News Bureau writes that because “Bill Clinton has behaved ineptly and inanely” on the campaign trail, “His wife has taken to sending him to small towns, like the Republicans did to conceal Dan Quayle in 1988.”


But Bill may not be the only one making Quayle-esque gaffes on the campaign stump:

Victor Davis Hanson writes, “Almost imperceptibly to the McCain campaign, I think Obama has already established quite new messianic rules of engagement that will be difficult to overturn”. But “the eventual downside for Obama is that the loftier the prophet, the more transparent his all-too-human transgressions.”

Update: John Hinderaker is on a similar wavelength:

This is much worse than anything Dan Quayle ever did. Needless to say, these bizarre moments won’t be promoted by the media as evidence that Obama is stupid. But they’ll be worth keeping in mind in the fall, when every time John McCain misspeaks, the Democrats’ whispering campaign will suggest that he’s getting senile.

Win or lose, come November, McCain may wonder why he spent so much time cultivating the MSM, as they inexorably turn on him.


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