Ed Driscoll

O For Fake

I’m not sure how much I buy Jim Geraghty’s theory that Rev. Wright’s antics are setting the stage “For the All-Time Sister Souljah Moment“, but the timing is interesting, of course:

And now, for a really far-out theory… Wright goes out, makes even more outrageous remarks, and it gives Obama the opportunity to finally sever the ties. A statement like, “I loved this man, but I cannot abide what he is saying now… I am leaving that church and must disavow Jeremiah Wright.”

Issue resolved. Obama is given credit for being a healer, for a courageous move, for standing up against divisiveness at great personal emotional expense, etc. …

Wouldn’t it be seen as remarkably transparent? After all, Jesse Jackson’s baggage wasn’t as obvious a hold on Bill Clinton when he invented the Sister Souljah moment. And Obama already has quite a collection of connect the dot moments, between Wright, Rezko, the New Black Panthers, Ayers, etc. Is it too many to overcome in the general, even with the media’s transparently obvious support?

And speaking of the media, considering that Bill Moyers and CNN recently gushed over Wright, by throwing the good reverend under the bus (where Obama’s grandmother was also last seen) won’t he calling into question their judgment too? Of course, given how much they’ve been played, would they even notice?