Ed Driscoll

The Not So Final Countdown, Revisited

Given how easy it now is to find previous Final Countdowns, just once, I’d love to see the next Final Countdown met with some skepticism from the press: Mr. Gore/Erlich/Danson/DiCaprio, etc., why should we believe you, when there have been so many earlier doomsday predictions that have never come to pass?

(H/T: TB)

Related: Via Small Dead Animals, Canada’s Lorrie Goldstein opens up an even more recent memory hole:

Dear Globe and Mail and Toronto Star:

For 15 months, I’ve been saving your respective front pages from the glorious weekend of January 27-28, 2007, when you simultaneously declared your mutual jihads against man-made global warming.

I knew they’d come in handy some day and now, they have.

Indeed, it seems like only yesterday I awoke to my Saturday, January 27, 2007 Globe to be greeted by the hysterical, front-page headline “Welcome to the new climate,” under a politically correct green masthead, declaring at the bottom: “We want action. We’re ready for sacrifices.”

Not to be outdone, the Star a day later had its own World War III, front-page headline, “State of denial: Do the skeptics of global warming have a hidden agenda?” — in the finest traditions of “do you deny beating your wife?” journalism.

And now, here we are, just 15 months later and isn’t it great you both have exactly what you wanted — skyrocketing gasoline prices and about-to-skyrocket food prices — since as we both know, hitting energy-hogging Canadians in their pocketbooks is the only way to make them reduce their evil greenhouse gas emissions hard and fast.

Or as it’s been dubbed in States, the Pelosi Premium.