Ed Driscoll

Because Those Attacks Worked So Well In 1980 And 1984

The Exurban League explains why attacking John McCain because of his age, only about 11 years older than Hillary this year and John Kerry in 2004, isn’t the greatest strategy. In an era where Philip Johnson (whatever his myriad flaws) was designing skyscrapers until his death a couple of years ago at age 98 and Les Paul is playing every Monday night off Broadway at age 92, and the Rolling Stones still tour, despite Keith Richards’ lungs and liver being the equivalent of a 246-year old man, 71 isn’t exactly the equivalent of Methuselah. And besides, “American voters love snarky college students insulting their war-hero elders”, as the Exurban League’s Jon writes.

On the flip-side though, it’s safe to assume that McCain will exploit his expected opponent’s youth and inexperience, just as Hillary already has. Maybe even using the same video: