Ed Driscoll

Today's Over The Top Michelle Obama Statement

The Teresa Heinz moments continue to pile up; Dr. Helen writes:

Jim Geraghty at National Review points out an article at The New Republic on Michelle Obama that indicates how she feels about men–they’re selfish and a mess:

In a 2004 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Michelle observed: “What I notice about men, all men, is that their order is me, my family, God is in there somewhere, but me is first. … And, for women, me is fourth, and that’s not healthy.” This is not a radical observation: Get a half-dozen gals together with a few bottles of Beaujolais, and a similar theme will eventually emerge. (Trust me on this.)…..

But, when she talks smack about her husband’s hygiene, she sounds like any old housewife gabbing to her girlfriends about what a hopeless mess her man is. It’s a clever approach, winning Michelle props for being outspoken and un-Stepford, even as she avoids alienating more traditional voters by keeping her focus on the family.

If male politicians spoke this way about women–“they’re all selfish and a mess!”– heads would roll, but Michelle Obama is seen as “outspoken” and independent. You go girl! But just remember that your husband needs votes from the very block of people you are dissing. In fact, some speculate that men might just be the deciding block in this election. You might want to choose your words more carefully.

Michelle’s safe on this one: men can be bashed with impunity when you’re in the mommy party.

Related: “So we may have reached the perfect gender dilemma: is Obama ‘man enough’ to be President? That, really, is the question Clinton is raising in her own way.”

Elsewhere: Legendary British blogger* Don Surber posits the Edwardian (no relation!) statement that there are indeed Two Americas–“The one the Obamas live in and the one for the rest of us.”