"Public Odium"

Scroll to about 13 minutes into this podcast on Shire Network News, where Ezra Levant tells his interviewer that Shirlene McGovern, the “human rights officer” who interrogated Levant in the YouTube clips that rocketed through the Blogosphere in early January has resigned from his case, claiming, she has “never been subjected to such public odium in my life.”


Here are our small contributions to that odium.

(Via Hot Air.)

Update: Steven Den Beste emails:

Regarding the discomfort of the Canadian Inquisitor assigned to the Ezra Levant case, my reaction: “Aaah! Poor baby!”

It’s like the reaction of the press to the rise of the blogosphere. “Wait a minute! We’re supposed to be the ones who scrutinize others and make them uncomfortable. Why are we suddenly the ones being scrutinized? That’s no fair!”

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


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