Wearing Blinders, Covering An Industry That's Bonkers

Nikke Finke writes, “I’m hearing that the Los Angeles Times’ managing editor for features, culture and entertainment John Montorio could be headed for the chopping block”:


Montorio spent 15 years at The New York Times and helped launch many of the NYT signature features sections, including The City and Sunday Styles, before joining the LAT in 2001 at the behest of Dean Baquet. Montorio tried to make several clones of those NYT feature sections at the LAT but wasn’t anywhere as successful: those that died demonstrated that the LAT can’t draw the necessary advertising. He oversaw an overhaul of the LAT magazine that also flopped. Most recently, Montorio launched Image, a fashion and style section. But it’s generally considered that the LAT movie and TV news coverage has suffered greatly over Montorio’s oversight, and the paper was consistently beat on nearly every development in the recent writers strike. Worse, his departments’ articles are just bland and dull.

How hard do you have to work to make coverage of your town’s biggest and craziest industry dull as dishwater?

This hard!

Update: To be fair, give the L.A. Times credit for running this.


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