Ed Driscoll

When All Bets Are Off In The Media

Back in 1993, in a “Wayne’s World” sketch, Saturday Night Live made a joke about young Chelsea Clinton, and caught hell from her parents. “Wayne’s World” star Mike Myers and producer Lorne Michaels both apologized, and the latter cut that joke from reruns of that episode. The trend was established: thou shall NOT make jokes about the first daughter.

At least when her parents are Democrats. But when a president that most in the media didn’t vote for is in office, all bets are off. Bob Parks has a long list of television comedians who’ve had no problem yucking it up about the Bush twins:

So, if we’re going to start throwing around apologies when anyone says something nasty about a First Daughter, there’s going to be a long line when it comes to apologizing to the Bush Twins.

Don’t hold your breath.

As the Anchoress writes, Don Surber “wonders why no one will tell Hillary to buzz off. Seems to me the only one who dares to do that is Obama, and he deserves some props for seeming to be utterly indifferent to her power or her reach. Good for him.”