Ed Driscoll

My Baby, She Wrote Me A Letter

Noel Sheppard reprints–and fisks–the letter that Hillary sent to Steve Capus, the president of NBC News, after David Schuster’s “PimpGate” incident Friday on MSNBC. Noel writes, “the truly unfortunate revelation from this entire incident is just how beholden media in this nation are to the Clintons, which not only makes their defeat in November more difficult, but also more imperative”:

After all, when the Pimp Gate dust settles, Americans truly paying attention will learn that employees of MSNBC are allowed — nay, encouraged! — to debase a Republican whenever the whim overcomes them.

However, if someone dares say anything negative about a Clinton, the offending party will be forced to apologize, be suspended, and the head of NBC News will personally beg the former first family for forgiveness.

Is this really the best General Electric, one of the world’s largest corporations, can add to journalism in this country?

Oh no–PimpGate is merely the tip of the iceberg for GE’s video subsidiaries.