News From 1979

As I’ve written before, there was a time when Woody Allen’s self-deprecating shtick was endearing. These days, one’s infinitely more likely to agree with his low assessment of himself:


New York filmmaker Woody Allen has confessed he does not understand why so many of his films are revered and he has been labeled an influential director.

The “Manhattan” director said he rarely understands why one of his films is met with great success and industry kudos, while another appears to fall on deaf ears, the New York Daily News reported Sunday.

“It’s hard for me to know. I’ll think, ‘I really brought off my ideas, it’s great,’ and no one sparks to it,” Allen told the newspaper. “And then other times I’ll finish a film and think, ‘I really screwed this one up,’ and for some reason, the public and the press embrace it.”

Which movie would that be? Manhattan in 1979?


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