Bias In The Most Expected Places

Dan Riehl catches Carolyn Washburn, the editor of the Des Moines Register and the moderator for both parties debates in Iowa earlier this week pulling a fast one:


Carolyn Washburn takes a shot at Republicans with an obviously false statement in her piece summarizing the recent Iowa debates which she moderated:

By and large, the Republicans say they can get us to smaller government and lower taxes with economic growth and government efficiency. They don’t ask Americans to make terrible sacrifices. About half wanted to tackle global warming and about half chose not to talk about it. They want local control and choice in education.

Chose not to talk about it!?! Not only did one Republican ask to talk about it, as opposed to raising his hand, Washburn wouldn’t let them talk about anything other than what she had pre-scripted in her mind. From the transcript: see rest of pertinent part below the fold. Everyone there that was permitted to, talked about it until she changed the subject.

Read the rest for a transcription of the candidates’ remarks on the topic.


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