Signs Of The Apocalypse

Mike Lief brings horrific photos back from his recent ocean cruise:

I was standing on the 10th deck, gazing down on the midships pool on the Lido Deck, when something caught my eye. What the hell? That can’t be what I think it is … can it?

Holy crap! It’s a man with a tramp stamp! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you People’s Exhibit 1, circumstantial evidence that the modern American male has lost his mind (not to mention his self respect). Ladies, you can’t possibly think that’s attractive, can you?


I’m not sure what the ladies will say, but I do know what the good Dr. Dalrymple has written on the subject in general…

Tattoos are a “refutation of the doctrine that the customer is always right. In the tattoo parlour, the customer is always wrong”.

…is especially applicable in this specific case.


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