Back From Vegas

Just got into San Jose airport, and back home from Vegas. While I was there, I recorded a ton of audio from Pajamas’ booth at the BlogWorld convention. Watch–err, listen–for this in the coming weeks in future episodes of PJM Political.


Update: Speaking of audio, “Nothing says blogger party like subdued hip hop”, as Duane Patterson writes, complete with a short video clip of such “music” at the Thursday night Pajamas Party at Blog World. It’s proof that not everything was smooth sailing on Blog World’s maiden voyage.

By the way, it was a pleasure to finally meet both Duane and Ed Morrissey for the first time in person, and they graciously allowed me to sit in on their regular gig at Blog Talk Radio. I appear about 20 minutes into show, after Ed’s interview with Rudy Giuliani (via scrambled subspace radio from the planet Skyron), and N.Z. Bear, who was there at Blog World, but sadly I didn’t get a chance to talk much.


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