Strike Forces Late Night TV, Hollywood Bloggers Into Repeats

I can’t say I’m losing much sleep over the Hollywood writers’ strike, but Nikke Finke has wall-to-wall coverage for those who are interested. In a recent post, she notes:


I’ve just confirmed that Leno and Conan will be in strike-forced repeats starting tonight. Also Jimmy Kimmel. Also Dave and that foreign dude who follows him (aka Craig Ferguson). This is going to have a devastating effect on promotion for the all-important holiday movie season starting now. And if this strike lasts awhile, Oscar campaigns as well. Meanwhile, you know that report I cited earlier that Jon Stewart is paying his writers’ salaries during the first two weeks of the strike out of his own pocket, for both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, according to Well, his rep has denied it. That’s right, denied it.

Beyond talk show comedians, the strike is also having an impact on activist Hollywood celebrities who pine for their brain trusts: just check out this recent Huffington Post item from Nora Ephron, clearly rendered inchoate…

Update: Gates Of Vienna has a modest proposal to end this destructive conflict and bring order to the show-business galaxy. (Sorry, just recycling lines from older Hollywood productions, much like the industry itself may be doing in the coming weeks.) I’ve got far too many tasks in Outlook to check off this week to volunteer myself, but I’m definitely sympathetic to the idea.

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