Later On NBC...

After Obama played himself wearing an Obama mask in an imaginary setting on Saturday Night Live, another presidential candidate dropped by the NBC studios:

Senator Thompson hit exactly the right note on Iran on this morning’s Meet The Press, and Tim Russert did a great job in giving the looming confrontation with Iran the time it deserves.

Any American who doesn’t understand Thompson’s reference to the “12th Imam” should blame the MSM for a fundamental failure to report the crucial facts about the mullahs and their operatives, their ambitions and their ideology.

Senator Thompson joins Mayor Giuliani and Governor Romney in talking bluntly about the central issue in the world right now. Thus the top two and number three in the GOP race are all serious about the most serious issue, and not one Democratic candidate is.

Frank Rich worries that the election of 2008 will turn on Iran. He’s right to worry because if it does, no Democrat will win because no Democrat is deling candidly with the prospect of this terrorist regime acquiring the nukes it is so obviously pursuing.


Like the man said, “History teaches us that underestimating the words of evil, ambitious men is a terrible mistake.”


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